Letters to the Editor

Lapse of memory

Columnist Christine Flowers writes, “the vicious nature of the attacks against Ben Carson are worse than anything I’ve seen since Clarence Thomas.”

Seriously? Where has she been the past seven years? Let me remind her of the pictures depicting President Obama with bones through his nose, the claims by pundits that he hates white people, the infamous “You lie!” on the floor of Congress during the State of the Union Address and, of course, the mother of all racist insults — birtherism.

This president has endured the ugly and virulent attacks from the rabid right with dignity and grace. While Carson is being challenged on his loony statements and extremist quasi-religious political views, the president has been disrespected and attacked for who he is: the first African-American to reach the pinnacle of political power and success.

Make no mistake, Carson will never increase his 25 percent support to become the nominee in today’s Republican Party because many within the other 75 percent are horrified by the thought of a second African-American president and will probably never allow it.

Maritza Silverio, Miami