Letters to the Editor

GOP extremists

Former Gov. Jeb Bush is a decent person and the most qualified of the Republican candidates to be president. I’m a Democrat that will be voting Democratic next year.

Unfortunately for Bush, he will never become president because as a traditional Republican, his party no longer resembles the party of his father, Richard Nixon or Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Bush may not be his party’s nominee, not so much as a direct result of his own failings, but rather because the evolution of his party has moved so far to the right that it brings into question the electability of the party’s nominee.

The GOP that embraces the building of walls, deportation of millions and the elimination of Medicare and Social Security is uncompromising and prefers shutting down government to negotiations and alienates gays, minorities and women no longer fits with traditional establishment Republicans.

It’s not Bush’s fault entirely that he may never be president. The blame falls squarely on the growing extremist faction of his party that is now calling the shots. It makes it easy for Democrats and independents to vote for the Democratic candidate, a lesson this new Republican Party, thankfully, fails to understand.

Edward Blanco, Miami

Editor’s note: This letter, published on Nov. 1, is being reprinted because of an editing error in the original version.