Letters to the Editor

Helping students

Re the Oct. 28 article State Board of Education wants more data to help set passing scores for FSA: The Council for Educational Change works to strengthen the leadership of Florida’s public schools with one main goal in mind: Prepare and nurture our students to become college and career ready.

As the Florida Board of Education plans to adopt “cut scores” in January for the new Florida Standards Assessment, the Council supports policies that will facilitate students as they apply for college and the military, and become our future workforce. Setting the appropriate academic standards will give our children the opportunities they deserve.

The Council has a long history creating partnerships between CEOs and school principals, and hears firsthand how important it is for students to have the academic and workforce skills they need to excel and succeed. Let’s ensure that we establish the proper “cut scores” on assessments so that our students can graduate with the right foundation to pursue well-paying jobs or a higher education — a ticket to the middle class and more.

Charles Blumenkamp, board chair, Council for Educational Change, Weston