Letters to the Editor

Support fracking

State Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez and State Sen. Jeremy Ring, both Democrats, are hoping to put an initiative on next year’s ballot that would institute a statewide ban on fracking. This is unfortunate because fracking is doing a lot of good around the country. Florida should support it, not ban it.

Despite the attempts of left-wing environmentalists, their partners in Hollywood and the mainstream media to discredit fracking, there is no evidence to suggest that it is harmful. In fact, the Obama administration issued a report from the Environmental Protection Agency this year confirming that there have been no cases of fracking causing harm to drinking water.

Fracking is contributing to the American energy boom we are experiencing. It is helping create jobs, grow the economy and increase national security and energy independence.

In the unlikely event that the legislators’ efforts to put this issue on the ballot is successful, I hope Florida voters will consider the facts rather than emotion-driven hype.

Amber Camacho, Miami