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Herald exclusive: Teresa Sarnoff: ‘Finishing’ campaign positively; throwing support to Ken Russell

Teresa Sarnoff
Teresa Sarnoff Miami

After much deliberation, I have made the decision to finish my campaign with a very positive message. I did not engage in negative campaigning and do not condone negative campaigning. You do not create your reputation by tearing someone else’s down. The traditional strategy to finish this campaign requires a negative campaign with a negative message. This is something I just will not do.

Although my campaign remains financially viable and well funded, I have made the choice to do something different that, I hope, will establish a precedent moving forward. I have made the choice to finish this election with a socially conscious campaign.

With the existing campaign account, I will support the three causes that are near and dear to my heart: animal rescue, the homeless and a free trolley for the Grove.

District 2 does not need to be torn apart. It is counterproductive for business leaders who are investing in this community to invest in a campaign to seek vindication. Elected officials should not involve themselves by jumping into the campaign at the 11th hour, when they were not there from the beginning.

I will support Ken Russell in his governance and strongly urge him to make a legislative change to a plurality vote for elections or to allow the electorate to make a second choice on their ballots (as Oregon does) so as to avoid the need for a runoff and the insanity and cost of a two-week sprint that tears apart the community, leaving the elected wounded.

I remain in this election as it remains unclear what the law is if the runner-up concedes. I do not want to put the taxpayers at risk of a lawsuit by the second runner-up, who has already cost the taxpayers more than $12 million, money that will never be made up and money that could have improved our police department or parks or help fund transportation solutions.

As I have always said from the beginning: I love Miami, and this is what is best for Miami.

Teresa Sarnoff, candidate for Miami Commissioner, District 2, Miami

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