Letters to the Editor

Don’t allow fracking in Florida

Miami Herald, thank you for shedding light on Florida Power & Light’s new proposal to get into the fracking industry in your Dec. 2 article, FPL asks for OK to drill for gas.

As a Broward resident, I see no reason why FPL should be allowed to leverage its consumer base to drill and frack for natural gas.

Supporting clean, renewable energy innovation here in our own state is the only responsible path, but FPL intends to lock in more demand for fracked gas instead.

Widespread fracking locks in sea level rise threatening the state's coastal economies, along with the more air and water pollution suffered in targeted communities.

It is so harmful that Sen. Darren Soto and Sen. Dwight Bullard recently introduced a bill prohibiting it in Florida. There is no reason for FPL’s customers (half the state of Florida) to support energy such as this, especially when the purported benefits are dubious.

This deal will be funded entirely by customers.

Why not build out wind and solar instead, options that provide lower costs to customers, help create a sustainable energy system, and provide jobs to Florida’s economy rather than jobs elsewhere fracking for natural gas?

As FPL customers, we should demand the Public Service Commission, the agency in charge of this decision, deny FPL’s request.

Vickie Machado, Fort Lauderdale