Letters to the Editor

Needless time change

The idiocy of having to change the time by one hour twice a year interferes with worldwide transportation and unfairly affects the whole world. The watches on the market are complicated, and it takes time and effort to change the time.

We make mistake after mistake because we still believe we are the most developed country. In reality, we are turning into a Third World nation with so many regulations that make life not easier but an encumbrance.

However, our legislators don’t consider leaving the time alone. They are more interested in collecting money for reelection rather than passing laws to make our lives more comfortable. Allowing the time change to return to normal is not a priority for them.

Soon we will realize the damage and the cost of this irregularity, and I hope that we will return to normal acceptable time and have respect for the laws of nature, rather than interfering with it.

Alejandro Arce, Miami Beach