Letters to the Editor

Racism lives on

As a 62-year old white woman from the suburbs, I was appalled to read Ray Turner's Nov. 26 letter, Not enough evidence.

Any police officer who believes that his sole remedy for self protection in a difficult situation is to fire 12 shots, six hitting an unarmed suspect, should not be a police officer.

I am a Jew, ever mindful of the Holocaust. The Jewish populations in Europe, disbelieving that their governments would turn on them, boarded the trains.

Black Americans will not be passive. They are fighting back against systematic extermination in an emotional outpouring of their grief.

I never realized that stealing a handful of cigars, mouthing off to a cop, or even slapping him, were offenses for which the death penalty applies.

In Miami in the early 1980s, as a radio news anchor, I stayed on the air for nearly 18 hours straight during rioting following the acquittal of white police officers who beat a black man, Arthur McDuffie, to death. It is heartbreaking to realize how little things have changed in our country in the nearly 35 years since that awful time.

Wake up, America; whether it is the death of a young black petty criminal, or the stonewalling of a black president, racism is alive and all too healthy in our country.

Arlene Ross, Miami