Letters to the Editor

Jeb Bush’s hawkish talk

Here’s what Jeb Bush recently said: “...the United States has played a part in creating greater instability.”

Jeb should know. It was his brother George who ignored the pre-9/11 intel, then allowed Osama bin Laden to leisurely stroll, unmolested, out of Tora Bora, led the Charge of the Fools Brigade into Iraq and made torture United States government policy.

George W. Bush, who dodged Viet Nam, would never have been president had Jeb not corrupted the 2000 election in Florida, by wrongly disenfranchising real voters, allowing his brother’s campaign to use the Secretary of State’s office and subverting the actual counting of the ballots.

Once again, Jeb is playing his old Republican role: A guy who has never worn a uniform, never been to war, talking tough with the lives of other people’s children.

Craig W. Geary, Redland