Letters to the Editor

New hotel not smart

I recently watched the Intracoastal Waterway lap over the land and drove through flooded streets, not because of rain but because of king tides. As I made my way through the construction zone on A1A that is the result of long-ago Hurricane Sandy, I was reminded that on Tuesday, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission will consider the proposed 175-room AC Hotel by Marriott on tiny little Alhambra Street adjacent to the congested Casablanca Café area.

Are we insane?

Development on the barrier island must be smart; large, dense projects like this hotel must have adequate permeable land so there is some place for the water to go. We must adhere to the required setbacks on all sides of a building, which in this case are being totally ignored.

What sense does it make to squeeze this amount of concrete on less than three-quarters of an acre? What sense does it make to destroy the quaint side streets of one-, two- and three-story buildings nestled between A1A and Birch Road? We have allowed large buildings to grow on the major roadways; to encroach now upon the interior, mid-block roads is absurd.

Hopefully, the City Commission will act wisely and wait for the coming beach master plan to guide us. What we don’t need now is more concrete, traffic, noise and congestion. It is time to start paying attention to Mother Nature and plan wisely; failure to do so will move us forward blindly and at our own self-inflicted peril.

Steven Glassman, Fort Lauderdale