Letters to the Editor

Park or wasteland

A few points to consider in the matter of the Nov. 22 article, Underlining a need for more park space, on FEC right-of-way.

  • It is owned by a private corporation. If the citizens of the Miami-Dade County desire that it be developed as parkland, then the taxpayers should buy it.
  • Comparing this potential park with New York's High Line isn’t reasonable — the density of the suburban neighborhoods adjacent to Ludlam Trail doesn’t come close to that of New York City, a 24 hour "environment."
  • People do not ride bicycles in Miami for lack of places to ride, secondary neighborhood streets are perfectly safe and in many cases are shaded by a canopy of trees.

The abject distrust of developers shows a lack of understanding about how cities grow.

Most of us live in buildings, be they single family homes, townhouses, or apartments built by someone who took the risk to create something out of nothing.

Let’s see what the “creatives” can do with the shoelace FEC property, for the greater benefit of all.

Christopher Cooke-Yarborough, South Miami