Letters to the Editor

Disdain for police

Once again, the Obama administration continues to show its disdain for police officers as it recently held a cabinet meeting to discuss, among other things, ways to critique, evaluate and assess police behavior, tactics and training.

Having the likes of Al Sharpton, a man with a documented history of hostility towards police, on the panel, suggests this plan is just another attempt to denigrate law enforcement officers.

Considering the president has the best police force (the Secret Service) in the world to protect him and his family, one would hope he would understand the pressures, the sacrifices and the dangers police face every day.

Regrettably, he shows an indifference and a bias that goes back at least to his first year in office when he stated that, although he didn’t know all the facts, that the “Cambridge police acted stupidly,” when they arrested his friend, Prof. Henry Louis Gates.

Our police officers do an incredible job and they deserve the support and not the criticism of this president.

Carl Manzelli, Miami