Letters to the Editor

Tuesday’s for giving

Giving Tuesday, held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a day to emphasize charity. Started in 2012, it’s observed by many people and organizations, but would become much more effective with greater government support.

A nationally recognized Giving Day could be established as a time for:

▪ Individuals to reflect on how they have helped others during the past year and to plan ways to give to those in need during the coming year.

▪ Schools and businesses to encourage charitable works by students and employees, ideally by allowing participation in special projects on that day.

▪ Government leaders to salute exemplary philanthropic efforts, especially by the president awarding states with the greatest increase in their percentage of charitable giving from the prior year — as measured by IRS returns — and for governors to similarly recognize counties and cities in their jurisdiction.

If done right, Giving Day could become a great way for us to celebrate and enhance the generosity that has always been an intrinsic part of being American.

Karl Miller, Coral Springs