Letters to the Editor

Keep the Old Grove’s charm

The Nov. 30 article Spirit of Old Grove stirs again was interesting, but a little contradictory.

The demise of Old Grove landmarks and spirit was lamented, but then the article callously reports the “aging” Scotty’s Landing being slated for replacement. Vizcaya is aging also, should we replace it?

I thought the old things were what made the Grove charming. Too many aging things in the Grove have been destroyed and replaced in the rush toward gentrification.

Scotty’s Landing is the continuation of the venerable former Captain Dick’s Bait Shop, which was a watering hole dating from the 1960s and always popular with locals.

Go to Scotty’s on any evening or weekend and see how popular it still is. The Miami crowd loves it. Why do we need to replace it with another soulless chain restaurant? Ditto with Grove Key Marina, where ordinary people can store and work on their boats and hire local carpenters and painters to help.

Many world-class waterfront cities use a portion of their waterfronts for similar boating facilities useful to the middle-class boat owners. Both places serve the citizenry well and preserve the spirit of the Old Grove. Why not leave them as they are for us to enjoy?

Ira Jacobson, Coral Gables