Letters to the Editor

Sunny Isles blog biased

In the recent election for mayor of Sunny Isles Beach, an online blogging website that calls itself the SIB Reporter published nothing but distortions of truth against one of the mayoral candidates, Lewis J. Thaler.

The site invites you to submit comments. However, if you submitted a comment or blog praising Thaler, it was immediately erased. Why? Because this site was nothing more than a shill for Thaler’s opponent, George “Bud” Scholl.

As a long-time journalist, I could never publish an article without identifying myself as the source. In the case of the SIB Reporter, there is nowhere that the editors of the publication are identified.

There needs to be some kind of a law passed that requires such sites that get involved in the election process to identify the authors and publishers. In addition, the bloggers who submitted pieces in favor of Scholl were identified by first name only. There needs to be accountability, or at least the opportunity to present a factual, opposing opinion. These types of sites taint the election process.

John Rusnak,

Sunny Isles Beach