Letters to the Editor

Another Sarnoff?

Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff’s Oct. 29 letter, Leaving city of Miami dais proudly, rambles on about the great things he’s done for the city and complains about his critics.

In truth, Sarnoff has done some positive things but at the same time, many disagreeable ones as well.

The gap between his thoughts and the public has grown wide.

While I first supported him I soon found him to be remote, self-righteous, and unwilling to share his intentions with the citizenry.

We need someone to replace Sarnoff who will be open and straight with us.

The Grove needs additional parking, yet the Mary Street parking garage was recently sold to a developer.

He didn’t like our much-loved symbol of the old Grove, Scotty’s Landing Restaurant, so he handed it over to a developer friend.

City garages, parks and property are being given out to big-money interests like there’s a garage sale going on.

Sarnoff is term-limited and his current project is to get his wife, Teresa, elected to replace him.

In campaigning for her he tells us she is the most qualified candidate, but does he really believe this?

I would love to hear him say, I love this job and hate to leave it.

Your vote for my wife will allow me to extend my term another four years.

Glenn Terry, Coconut Grove