Letters to the Editor

Better Beach mayor

Respectfully, your editorial recommendation of Philip Levine is cognitively dissonant.

You stated that the Relentless for Progress PAC was disbanded, but do not mention that its ill-gotten cash flowed into the coffers of the pro-development slate candidates before its demise.

Even worse, perhaps only 40 percent of the money was returned to contributors, and then only because the mayor was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

Had I chosen not to run as a “courageous soul,” the ethically challenged Levine would get a free pass. Unmentioned is the circumvention of the city charter by PAC financing of campaigns of developer-inspired sycophant commissioners. The voices of numerous citizens complain that they cannot get access to the mayor except through a phalanx of hired intermediaries.

Mayor Levine doesn’t deserve a second chance, as he will inevitably move on to the first available opportunity beyond his present station, because his passion for Miami Beach is illusory.

My “lack of experience” is inaccurate. I have been in the trenches for over 40 years against insurance companies and moneyed interests, battling them in court and out. Labeling me an inexperienced naïf is as hurtful as is assuming Levine will metamorphose through a miraculous epiphany of rehabilitation.

The Herald recommends that Levine follow my lead of restoring trust, integrity and banishing back room dealings to the mayor’s office, but instead endorses the return of machine politics — a journalistic imprimatur on the uncontrolled development I have battled the last six years.

The final canard that the mayor can afford flashy TV ads and has deep pockets is no rationale for an illogical recommendation of a flawed individual.

David S. Wieder, mayoral candidate,

Miami Beach