Letters to the Editor

Fight human trafficking

Even during this season of intense partisan politics, I’m holding out hope for progress on an issue that always brings Republicans and Democrats together — combating human trafficking. Today, almost 30 million people are enslaved worldwide.

Here’s the good news: In July, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act without a dissenting voice or vote. The bipartisan bill was co-sponsored by 112 representatives, including nine from Florida.

This legislation would prioritize the U.S. government’s commitment to fighting human trafficking by raising the authority of the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Office, which is the power house of U.S. anti-trafficking efforts worldwide. The Act doesn’t create additional bureaucracy and is a critical step forward in the fight against human trafficking. Before this Congressional session ends, the Senate needs to follow the lead set by the House and pass this bill.

While I’m pleased that Florida’s Sen. Bill Nelson has endorsed the Senate version of the bill, Sen. Marco Rubio has failed to endorse this important legislation.

I urge Sen. Rubio to sponsor this legislation.

Suzanne Ferguson, Palmetto Bay