Letters to the Editor

Ludlam project provides six-mile trail

Fred Grimm’s Nov. 22 column, Miami-Dade “desperately needs” the Ludlam Trail, describes the public-trail component of Flagler’s land-use application as a “glorified, development-impinged sidewalk.” Ricardo Mor’s Nov. 22 Other Views article, Underlining a need for more park space, says that the project is a rezoning effort “to allow developers to build residential properties”

Unfortunately, the writers never tried to contact Flagler, the owner of the property, for information about the project now before the Miami-Dade County Commission.

Both articles mention the High Line in New York as a shining example of an urban linear parkway. Flagler is the applicant for a land-use amendment (not rezoning) to allow a six-mile, 18-acre public trail component within an existing six-mile, 70-acre privately owned corridor. The public trail would be about 25 feet wide for most of the six miles — as wide or wider and four times longer than the High Line.

Flagler‘s proposed development component would be sensitive to surrounding neighborhoods and activate the trail, adding to its safety and appeal to the public.

Flagler looks forward to working to create an iconic urban trail that can serve as an example for the rest of the region.

Rafael Rodon, executive vice president, corporate development, Florida East Coast Industries, Miami