Letters to the Editor

Save on Medicare

Re the Oct. 22 letter, Blue Cross increase: Why anyone would be on Medicare is beyond my understanding.

I’m an 81-year-old grandmother who has been on various HMO’s since I was 65.

I pay no monthly premium, pay nothing to see my primary physician and $20 co-pay for specialists, all tests are paid for, mammograms, routine bloodwork, anything else necessary for diagnostic purposes, little or nothing for medications, my hip replacement surgery and PT afterwards were all paid for, and when needed in the future, hospice care at home or in a facility at no cost.

I also get almost $100 added to my Social Security check for Part B reimbursement on my current HMO program, which is a blessing since SS has decided not to increase our monthly payments, which in itself is unacceptable.

I hope all seniors who read this will check out all the HMOs currently advertising before the 12/7 deadline. Someone will come to your home and discuss everything with you at no cost to you and save you a lot of money.

Arlene Hathaway,