Letters to the Editor

Dolphin parking

I am a Miami Dolphins season ticket holder since 1979. Recently, with all of the hype, me and my group purchased nine seats.

As you know there were many changes to the stadium, wherein the Dolphins evicted the loyal season ticket holders of 40 years, to provide $1,000 and $1,800 lower bowl seats on the home side that have been 50 percent empty for both home games. We sit in Row 1 Upperdeck 30-yard line on the visitor side.

We purchased orange parking passes and were assured that if we arrived early enough we would be able to park on the stadium grounds.

We arrived more than two hours before both home games to tailgate, only to be turned away and forced to park in the outside lots two blocks from the stadium.

If the stadium lot were full, I would have no objection.

I am a life-long Dolphin fan and wish the stadium was 100 percent full with standing room only. But what irks me is that, similar to the disregard for the 40-year season ticket holders who lost their seats to absentee season ticket holders who bought high-priced seats, the parking lots for the blue and purple passes (higher end tickets) are roped off and empty.

Carlos D. Lerman,