Letters to the Editor

Government shouldn’t be counting calories

The overreach of this Big Brother government into individuals’ private lives never fails to astound me.

The Nov. 26 article FDA requires calorie counts for food in chain restaurants reports that the FDA plans to force restaurants with more than 20 locations to display the caloric counts of all items on its menus.

This applies to amusement parks, convenience stores, movie theaters and other venues. The others could include your favorite grocery store that prepares meals daily and whose menus change as often. This includes beverages, including beers, but not mixed drinks. All this could cost a fortune to these businesses, which would then be passed to consumers. I’m in favor of seeing the display of obesity I see every day reduced, but I don’t believe that government dictates are the answer. Obesity is not Ebola. Obesity is not an epidemic. Obesity is everyone's individual responsibility, not government’s.

Robert E. Pickard, M.D., Miami