Letters to the Editor

Bountiful harvests

This year, Thanksgiving means special things to me. I’m thankful for the food, friends and good feelings of gratitude. But most important, I’m thankful for the ability God has given me to deal with difficult situations and people.

I am super grateful for this. I suppose it’s different for everybody, but for me it’s a clear awareness that God has acted in my life so wonderfully.

The Pilgrims must have felt this kind of thankfulness, too, as they also had to overcome many obstacles.

After they planted and sowed, they were rewarded with a bountiful harvest to reap. They looked to God, not themselves, as the one to thank first.

I hope Thanksgiving blesses those who have a lot and also those to whom a little is much more appreciated.

As long as we strive to see how God works in our lives now — in a world where much is taken for granted and so many things are difficult — then thanks are really in order.

Lucrecia Berzanski, Miami