Letters to the Editor

Sea level rise series

Hooray for the Miami Herald's articles about flooding in Miami Beach and South Florida. Hope they alert residents to the horrific problems we must deal with as a result of climate change.

Flooding in South Florida will not go away. It has been getting worse each year.

How we can deal with it is a problem, too. We have able scientists, engineers, builders and visionaries, and we must use their expertise. It will cost tremendous amounts of money. Flooding must be dealt with now, immediately, if Florida is to exist. What we build today may not be adequate in 10 years.

We must have meetings with knowledgeable individuals who will propose plans that will deal with climate change and global warming.

Whether local government, state government or the federal government will undertake this, I do not know. But it can and must be done.

Other places are dealing with this — for instance, The Netherlands, Venice and our own New Orleans. Bring in their experts, and let us get started. Now.

Alene L. Fishbein,

Golden Beach