Letters to the Editor

Words of strength

Apparently Donald Trump doesn’t get the power of love as a force, not a weakness.

Again he mocked former Gov. Jeb Bush for speaking of love for family as a motive for illegally immigrating to this country.

Excepting the criminal element, no doubt immigrants of all sorts hope to raise the standard of living for their families by coming here, though Bush doesn’t make that an excuse for sneaking in. Instead, he has clearly and publicly acknowledged that the issues of leaky borders and undocumented immigrants must be resolved.

What’s troubling is that Trump sees Bush’s statement as a sign of weakness. He can’t seem to grasp that Bush using the word “love” so publicly is bold and a sign of strength, particularly at a time when an element of anger reigns and all manner of hateful and foul language is accepted as the norm.

Kudos to Bush for the courage to come right out and say that family love motivates poor immigrants.

Susan van Hoek,

St. Augustine