Letters to the Editor

Jewish history

Prime Minister Netanyahu was essentially right when he accused the leader of the Palestinian Arabs, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini, of influencing Hitler to implement the Final Solution — the Holocaust.

All historians (not driven by political ideology) agree that during their meeting of Nov. 28, 1941, the Grand Mufti voiced his displeasure that Hitler had allowed more than 50,000 German Jews to settle in Palestine in exchange for money and an end to the boycott of German goods, and he urged Hitler to annihilate the Jews.

Hitler promised Husseini that when the Germans took Palestine from he British, the Jews would be annihilated.

Other historians have noted that Husseini was a powerful voice in pushing Hitler towards the immediate implementation of the mass murder of the Jewish people, as Netanyahu claimed.

A rabid anti-Semite and ideologue like Hitler may not have needed more persuasion, but it still remains a fact that the leader of the Palestinian Arabs asked Hitler to destroy the Jews. Sometimes a push by a person you want to please encourages you to do what you want to do anyway.

Husseini then went on to organize tens of thousands of Muslims to fight along with the Nazis during World War II.

The historians quoted in the, unfortunately, one-sided and biased article in the Miami Herald by Jodi Ruderen seem more driven by political ideology that historical inquiry. What hasn't changed from Husseini to Arafat to Hamas to Abbas is their hatred and murder of Jews, something we are witnessing today.

Peter E. Goldman, Hollywood