Letters to the Editor

Museum Park for all

Re Andres Viglucci’s Sept. 11 article, Private conservancy proposed to upgrade, run Miami’s Museum Park, about the proposal for a private conservancy to take over what remains of Bicentennial Park, I offer the following as one who has been intimately involved in what has happened to the “most important piece of land on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.,” as Miami Commissioner Johnny Winton once called it.

It is crystal clear the city of Miami is not capable of preserving this park, raising the private funds necessary to complete it or even maintaining what should be run as a top-notch regional park. Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has erred by not involving residents in this conservancy idea.

The conservancy documents must state the park shall be open and inviting to not just the new residents of downtown as a “community” park, but to all the residents of the county and beyond.

This park needs to become the place where individuals of all social economic backgrounds are welcome to share space, time and conversation in a magical green environment. The existing plans need more shaded green magic and less concrete. It must be designed and maintained for the enjoyment of individuals and families.

Done right, S&P 500 companies will be glad to support it.

Steve Hagen, Atlanta