Letters to the Editor

Unprovoked actions

As a veteran who spent 22 years in the Florida National Guard and served through riots, I ask: What would we do differently from the Israelis? Lest anyone honestly believe that Israel is overreacting to young attackers.

These rock-throwing, Molotov-cocktail hurling, stabbing, car-ramming, homicide bombing thugs are from the same group who brought us 9/11.

Imagine how we would react to the unprovoked killing of innocent Americans on our city streets and in our shops.

These are rioting terrorists who are committing mayhem and chaos. We would call out the National Guard to quell this violence.

“Overreacting”and “disproportionate” in reference to lawful actions taken by the authorities in response to this violence incited by the Palestinian madrasas and leadership aren’t words that are appropriate descriptions.

“Innocent,” when referring to those Palestinians who are committing the violence is beyond reason.

Robert E. Pickard,