Letters to the Editor

Reject CP-1 map

I am writing as a constituent from Congressional District 24 to share my disappointment with the recent opinion by Judge Terry Lewis regarding the redistricting map.

This map, as it stands, would have a negative economic impact on the district in which I have resided for more than 30 years.

I have followed the process of redistricting throughout those years and my community has always been on the short end of the stick.

When the Florida Legislature designed the current districts, they came up with one that is diverse and helped us economically.

So now why would the courts remove PortMiami and other vital economic engines from my district?

We need businesses that offer jobs and benefit our residents so that our community can prosper just like any other.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson continues to preach jobs and now they are taking those jobs.

I encourage the Florida Supreme Court justices to reject the CP-1 map approved by Judge Lewis.

Ebony Reddick,

Miami Gardens