Letters to the Editor

Don’t mock Carson

Re Leonard Pitts Jr.’s Oct. 19 column, Dr. Carson is the wizard of odd: Pitts needs to study his history regarding the Jewish ghetto fighters toward the end of World War II.

His insulting mockery of one of the bravest and most tragic moments in our history must be corrected.

Although he says the Nazis would have had no trouble overwhelming armed citizens, since they plowed through the European countries at will, it is a fact that when Jewish resistance fighters got weapons dropped by the allies into Warsaw, Nazi domination and deportation of Jews for slave labor was halted.

One allied, single-shot pistol, with just two rounds of ammunition, enabled a resistance fighter or Jewish citizen to kill a Nazi.

The arms and ammo were taken from the dead and were used to kill more of them. In a few weeks, our resistance gave us new hope and gave the Nazis a dose of what they had been giving others.

We stopped them in their tracks, because we were once again armed.

I would not be able to write this letter were it not for that cheap pistol.

John Louer,

Medina, Ohio