Letters to the Editor

I’m your candidate

I consider myself the “solutions candidate” in the nine-way race for Miami’s District 2 commission seat. Born and raised in the district, I have watched our politicians time and again ignore easy-to-apply solutions for Miami’s chronic problems or commit enormous amounts of tax money on questionable fixes.

We need a better way of thinking about local government.

For example, traffic is easy to solve once we minimize the amount of driving we are forced to do.

According to Charles Marohn, president of Strong Towns, a foundation that supports development that makes our communities financially strong and resilient, “Instead of building lanes, we need to be building corner stores” that foster “local economic ecosystems” that rely less on driving.

We also need to embrace new transit alternatives like SkyTran, NASA’s magnetic levitation monorail that can be installed in a space less than the width of a sidewalk at 10 times less the cost of MetroRail.

This idea is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective enough for public and private agencies to build themselves.

I promise to be a different kind of commissioner, one that is responsible to taxpayers, not special interests, and whose priority is our quality of life.

Rosy Palomino, District 2 commission candidate, Miami