Letters to the Editor

Candidate Solares

I wish to applaud Grace Solares for taking on the extremely well-funded and entrenched politician in District 2, Marc Sarnoff, and his wife Teresa. I’m not in favor of supporting a political dynasty.

Although I supported the commissioner in the past, lately, the Sarnoff machine has been giving away our waterfront and parks with a PR blitz, what looks like a big upfront check, followed by little or no true benefit to ordinary citizens.

If you read the contracts, which extend to 60-plus years, after the initial payment, there is little more paid to the city for expensive waterfront. Should the project fail, we pay.

We have a candidate in District 2 willing and able to stand up for “we the people.” Take the opportunity to meet Grace Solares. Then if you like what you hear, go out and vote for her.

Nina West, Coconut Grove