Letters to the Editor

Covered bus benches

Driving through my neighborhood recently on an overcast day, I saw an elderly gentleman sitting on a bus bench waiting for his bus to arrive.

This isn’t an unusual sight, except that it dawned on me that this gentleman, probably someone’s father and grandfather, was likely to be sitting in the rain before his bus arrived. Had it been a few hours earlier or later he or someone’s grandmother, a young mother and her child, or an office worker would instead be sitting in 90-degree heat, unshielded from the sun.

Anyone traveling outside of Florida quickly notices that bus stops often have covered bus shelters because of frequent snowstorms. Thankfully, our Magic City and surrounding suburbs do not experience frosty winters. However, we often bear the searing rays of the sun as well as spontaneous, intense rain showers, sometimes within minutes of each other.

The standard in South Florida should be when it comes to transit stops, top them off!

Ralph Rosado, Miami