Letters to the Editor

Presidential powers

Did you know that a president used his powers to activate new, unilateral measures without consulting lawmakers, as reported in the Nov. 20 article, President exercises expiring decree powers?

You might think this article pertains to President Obama’s unilateral executive order to “fix” the immigration issues without Congress’ input. But you would be wrong. It is about Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro enacting new laws without consulting lawmakers. Maduro is the new dictator who was elected following the death of Hugo Chávez.

Chávez, and now Maduro, have changed a prosperous democratic country into a country of chaos and human-rights violations. Chronic shortages in basic necessities, the world’s highest inflation, plummeting currency and civil unrest being met with violence are all the norm now for the people of Venezuela.

Is this what we want for our country?

George Anderton, Palmetto Bay