Letters to the Editor

Seeking justice in my dog’s death

My dog and I were struck by a car in Coral Gables at the corner of Miracle Mile and Ponce de Leon last week while walking in the right-of-way of a pedestrian walkway.

My dog was killed, and I am trying to find some justice for his death. But there is none.

I am told a dog is considered personal property and is not the same as a person. I understand, but Zeus, my 8-year-old Bichon Frisé, was my best friend. If this had been a small child, his death would have been considered manslaughter. But there is no “dogslaughter” law. The driver received a ticket. That’s it.

How can we change this law? This was not a Rolex I lost. It was my life and love, and I am heartbroken.

My dog took the hit for me. I only suffered some scrapes on my knuckles pounding on the man’s car as I was about to go down.

Perhaps we can bring some kind of animal-rights awareness. I am sure this happens more often than we hear, and most people have no recourse.

Tracie Samara, Coral Gables