Letters to the Editor

Judicial bundling

We need a rule or statute that requires lawyers who individually have played, or are members of firms that have played, a significant role in a judicial candidate’s campaign to disclose that fact to the opposing party in litigation and to the public.

Bundler lawyers or firms have great influence with campaigning judicial candidates who become or are sitting judges. The public has a right to expect an level playing field of disclosure.

The Bar, the Supreme Court of Florida and the state Legislature have a duty to require at least full transparency of the spiraling amounts of money raised by trial lawyers and afloat in judicial campaigns.

While individual contributions are required to be disclosed, the real influence is an important secret only known to the bundlers and the candidates.

The Florida Supreme Court has consistently approved an ad hoc threshold test for contribution recusal. It has a duty to clean up this obvious method of circumvention.

Thomas R. Spencer,