Letters to the Editor

Synagogue murders

The slaughter of four rabbis, one policeman and the severe maiming of eight other Jews praying at their house of worship and 240 attacks last week against Jews were committed by Arab Palestinians.

Their government glorifies these acts through its media, in school curricula and its official policy as stated in its documents that call for replacing the Jewish State with a Palestinian one.

President Obama and the European Union are responsible for these deaths and attacks as they continue to make a moral equivalence between the acts of Palestinian attackers and Jewish defenders.

The solution is not two states, it is to change Palestinian society whose ultimate goal is one state as depicted on their maps.

To give the Palestinians, who are committed to replacing the Jewish State, a state next to Israel is akin to giving ISIS land in Washington next to the White House

The Obama administration and the EU must stop pressuring Israel into a suicide pact to avoid a major holy war throughout the Middle East.

Sander Poritzky, Weston