Letters to the Editor

NFL suspends Peterson

The NFL decided to suspend Adrian Peterson for the rest of the 2014 season. We appreciate all of the dialogue that has occurred coast to coast since his very public case raised the issue of appropriate discipline.

What we’ve learned since the news about Peterson broke is that despite being a controversial topic, people are willing to discuss their views on corporal punishment. While we recognize that all parents have the right to choose the manner in which they discipline their children, we also know that there are more-effective methods than corporal punishment, such as time-outs and loss of privileges.

We hope that all those who’ve been willing to have this discussion, whether with friends, spouses, family or even strangers will be equally willing to learn more about alternative discipline methods that are proven to be more effective than corporal punishment and are more effective at promoting the kind of moral and obedience education that discipline is meant to teach.

Jim Hmurovich, president and CEO, Prevent Child Abuse America, Chicago