Letters to the Editor

Outrageous baseball salaries

I went on strike against baseball's ugly level of greed back in 1993 after the cancellation of the World Series, and haven't watched a game since. And believe me, I loved the game.

Just as I’m starting to miss it, I read the Nov. 15 article, Stanton agrees to $325M deal, that the Miami Marlins, who were less than honest about their finances when they bamboozled the city and county for a new stadium, are going to pay a forgettable player $325 million over 13 years. If it was becoming obscene 20 years ago, what has it become today?

If an owner has that much cash to throw away, give half of it to local charities, and give the game a measure of relevance. They’d get me, and possibly many more, back as a fans.

Paul Mann, Miami