Letters to the Editor

Bush family dynasty

We are witnessing a full court press by the Bush family. You can hardly see a morning show, a newscast, or a late night show without seeing Forty-One or Forty-Three, or both of them together. The cover is that Junior has written a book about his father in a touching story about how much he has learned from this kind and wise old man.

The hidden message is to soften the name of Bush, which still holds connotations of war and recession with many Americans. There are still a couple of years to try to improve the dynasty name so that brother Jeb can have his shot at continuing the dynasty.

It might work to some degree with some people, but you can bet your boots that Forty-Three will be nowhere to be seen when the primary season rolls around. Seeing Jeb and George together might bring back bad memories.

Anthony Liotti, Sunny Isles Beach