Letters to the Editor

Miami a tech leader

Bravo to Nancy Dahlberg for her Oct. 11 article, Nurturing tech hub in South Florida accelerates: As the founder of the Hispanic-devoted Brinker Education Initiative, a college scholarship fundraising project of the Harry S. and Mary Ellen Brinker, Jr. Foundation for Hispanic/Latino students excelling in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), I know how critical it is for philanthropic groups like the Knight Foundation and venture capitalists to invest in our growing Hispanic student population and its millennial entrepreneurial class.

Wall Street and Silicon Valley CEOs assert that Florida will become the nation’s epicenter for Hispanic-owned high-tech firms. After all, Hispanics are the youngest, largest, and fastest growing U.S. demographic and will represent the largest number of new recruits for our high-tech military.

Regarding the eMerge Americas Convention for Latin American start-up tech companies, these embryonic enterprises will make history and be written about in breathtaking terms.

Our greatest challenge to fulfill this vision will be continued Foundation investment in higher STEM education and entrepreneurship.

Without question, Miami will lead Florida’s other major cities in becoming a tech-oriented hub. Where Miami goes, our nation will go.

Mary Ellen Brinker, Miami