Letters to the Editor

A change is needed

I believe a good start to reducing gun violence is to reduce the amount and types of guns allowed.

First, there should be an assault-weapons ban. These are weapons of war, not of hunting or home defense. Second, there should be a limit of two guns maximum per person in a household — one for home defense and one for hunting — not like the 13 that the recent Oregon killer had in his possession.

There should also be a cost/benefit analysis of guns inside a home as to the incidence of home invasions versus accidental shootings and crimes of passion. There should also be a holistic approach to guns, mental health, the culture of violence, and background checks.

On the other hand, let’s not fall back on an unconditional embrace of the Second Amendment. This amendment dates from the 18th century, when there were muskets used to fight the British.

What we have isn’t working with a massacre happening practically every week. Something needs to change.

H.E. Navarrete, Miami