Letters to the Editor

‘Frightening’ Mideast policy

President Obama’s harshest critics believe he is intentionally reducing America’s influence around the world, and that his real goal is to shift the Middle East power balance in favor of Shiite Muslims and away from Israel. A less-sinister belief is that the president is a well-intentioned naif. Only the most ardent partisan Democrats still maintain he is doing a good job.

It now appears that Obama has empowered a new alliance of evil through rapprochement with Cuba, the Iranian nuclear deal and his acquiescence to Russian aggression.

Iran, Cuba and Russia now are united in the effort to keep Assad in power in Syria.

In removing troops from Iraq, Obama allowed that nation to become a Shiite satellite of Iran.

Whether the president is working against American interests by intent or ineptitude matters little. The damage he can do in his remaining 15 months is frightening.

Larry Horist, Boca Raton