Letters to the Editor

Vote on “In God We Trust” motto

Re the Nov. 14 article County panel backs adding: “In God We Trust:” A Miami-Dade Commission committee voted unanimously to add the national motto to the county seal that hangs behind the dais where the commissioners sit. It now goes before the full commission for a vote.

How does this proposed resolution include Jews, Muslims, Pagans or atheists who live in Miami-Dade County?

Moreover, does the “historic role of religion in our society” include Christian slave lords, such as Thomas Jefferson, who owned African slaves to pick their cotton and tend to their plantations?

And how about Christians who committed genocide on Native Americans as they marched west across America and then sent the survivors to live on reservations?

And, if it’s supposed to foster patriotism, how many of the current Miami-Dade County commissioners did their patriotic duty and served in the military? Or are they simply hypocrites?

Roger Hammer, Homestead