Letters to the Editor

Keep West Kendall

Miami-Dade Commissioner Juan Zapata must believe he is the authority of all that is trendy and that a hipper name for some parts of his district will somehow improve the area.

He is asking his colleagues on Tuesday to change the name of the highly popular West Kendall Regional Library to the West End Regional Library and the West Kendall District Park to West End District Park. He’s also proposing a new bus route to be known as the West End Circulator. End of what?

Zapata doesn’t represent this native Miamian who has lived in unincorporated West Kendall since 1981. I don’t recall a vote of residents who live west of the turnpike or Don Shula Expressway to rename the area. Nor do I believe a new moniker will relieve traffic gridlock or stop development creep.

I plead with Commissioners Daniella Levine Cava, Xavier Suarez and Javier Souto, who also represent portions of West Kendall, as well as the other members of the County Commission, to stop this one-man publicity stunt and save the unnecessary cost of name changes.

Rhonda Victor Sibilia,

West Kendall