Letters to the Editor

Miami Herald vs. Fox News

Re the Nov. 10 letter Herald recommends?: The writer chides the Miami Herald for its lack of objectivity in its recommendations of candidates who lost in the midterm election.

Clearly, he wants the Miami Herald to emulate that paragon of objectivity, Fox News, which promoted winning conservative Republicans.

He also wants to stop the waste and government programs, and the incompetence of those running them.

He probably advocates that we get more for-profit colleges and jails, privatize environmental protection agencies, and eliminate agencies responsible for regulating businesses such as Wall Street, Big Pharma, and Big Communications.

And, of course, the Veterans Administration, Social Security Administration, and Obamacare, which I will wager he doesn’t need, because he has health insurance provided by others.

As a registered independent voter, and former Republican, I disagree with this “centrist.”

Michael Garffer, Miami