Letters to the Editor

EViD voting machines

With regard to the Nov. 9 article Voter ID problem remains unresolved, about a failure of the EViD machines, I can attest to their value having operated one in every election since they were first put in service.

I cannot, however, say that they are perfect. There are no machines, mechanical or electronic, that are.

The EViD machines are, from my experience, extremely reliable, and even so there have been times when locating a voter’s name has not been easy. In almost every case this is a result of differences between the data on the Florida driver’s license and the voter-registration records.

Often women change their maiden names in one location, but not the other, or they hyphenate on one, but not the other. In some cases birth dates are incorrect, or addresses have changed in one location.

But with all of these problems we have always been able to resolve the matter, and no properly registered voter has missed voting, no one. It simply takes a bit longer for some voters than others.

The EViDs are excellent tools in the voting process, they save considerable time and are extremely accurate.

Percy Overman, Plantation