Letters to the Editor

New tolls for all?

I found the Nov. 11 article New tolls hitting highways, interesting in that MDX claims everyone using SR 836 and SR 112 will pay a toll.

According to the maps in the Miami Herald, the new tolls are situated around 27th Avenue and at about 60th Avenue.

The maps didn’t show if there are tolls at exit or entrance ramps outside these new tolling places.

Is there a toll on the entrance ramp at 836 and Northwest 12th Avenue, westbound? If not, why not?

Maybe because many of our upper echelon people live in Brickell, the Grove or the surrounding area.

If you take U.S. 1 north to I-95 north then onto SR 836 west, you can get off at 12th Avenue and go into the courthouse area without paying a toll, although you have used the expressway.

Now, all of this is moot if a toll is collected at the exit ramp.

But if there is none, I guess the article should have said all drivers, except a select few, will now pay a toll.

Chris Bimonte, Miami