Letters to the Editor

Necessary lawsuits

The Oct. 11 story Changing the system, one signature at a time omitted an important fact. Two recent ballot initiatives approved by voters and incorporated into the Florida Constitution, were ignored by the state Legislature:

1. Amendments 5 and 6 (anti-gerrymandering) passed overwhelmingly in 2010. However, the Legislature gerrymandered districts, and the courts intervened.

2. Amendment 1, approved last November by 75 percent of voters, calls for spending one-third of real-estate stamp taxes, estimated at $740 million, to acquire and protect wildlife habitat, water resources and park land. Our conniving Legislature proceeded to pass a budget that included only $88 million to go toward land acquisition, according to a lawsuit filed by environmentalists.

So, beleaguered citizens who have to raise money and collect a daunting number of signatures to create laws to protect land from unchecked development and to have fair elections are not through with their work after they win. Lawsuits must follow.

Diane Lawrence, Kendall