Letters to the Editor

Elect Fred Grimm

Re Oct. 8 column State insults teachers with $44M absurdity: Why can’t Floridians have someone like Fred Grimm representing us in Tallahassee instead of Rep. Erik Fresen? Many of my colleagues and I are eligible for Florida’s Best and Brightest teacher “bonus,” but none of us could get our SAT scores in time to submit them by the Oct. 1 deadline because the College Board was overwhelmed with requests.

We feel helpless, angry and frustrated. Not only is this an inane marker of good teaching, but paying taxes so the lucky few who made the deadline can reap the $44 million is galling as well.

I appreciate Grimm publicly exposing this fiasco. I only wish we had a government in Tallahassee that thought as rationally as he does.

Liana Roche, Cutler Bay